Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Kawaii Amazon Finds

My pictures:
The headphones and hello kitty cup I had pretty much no problem with. They're actually my favorites out of everything! The hello kitty sunglasses and cat headband had to have things hot glued back on them upon arrival, but they were cheap. That was to be expected, and wasn't a big issue. The hello kitty rug looked a little different from how it was advertised, but not a big deal either, it was less than $6. Note that it only looks lumpy in my picture because it's been bunched up, and I took the picture on my bed--oops!

What was really different from how it was advertised was the rilakkuma contact case...

 I still use it, and it's still cute though. 

Overall, nothing was perfect, but everything was cheap. I'm happy with what I got regardless. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Transplant Day

Blood drive(In August, I think?)

It's been about 6 months since Will's diagnosis, and about three since he was first in remission. We(his friends and family)have been through a lot with him, taking him on that long trip from Dallas to Houston for treatment (M.D. Anderson is in Houston-- It's a cancer specific hospital for anyone who didn't know), Helping out with his blood drive(I even donated blood!),  even celebrating his 21st birthday without a drop of liquor(he had his airsoft guns so he didn't seem to mind). 

His birthday(Halloween)

At Midnight, tonight the bone marrow will arrive in Houston, where he is being treated, and the transplant may begin. With new marrow, there will be a new bloodtype, new allergies, and a new chance. His mother, Amy has been calling it his REbirthday for that reason. We're also interested to see just how his hair grows back, usually it changes with chemo. It looks like it's growing back the same though. 

Our last big outing together, A-Kon.(Dallas anime convention) 

Of course we did run into (More than) a few bumps getting here: Funding for the transplant(Eventually provided by the government--- though it took writing some letters!), sickness and nausea that chemo generally causes, and so much more. Of course it won't be easy going out of the transplant, his immune system will be suppressed for just a little while so that his body doesn't reject the marrow. 

My favorite picture of him, it's his contact picture in my phone :p

Of course after that our main priorities now are going to be recovery, which is such a relief to say, or even think. After all, it's what we've been striving for. Full recovery may take a year, but we're so lucky to still have him, to have this transplant happening tomorrow, and even for him to have gotten into remission. Now our only goal is to get back to normal, and I can't wait for it to start! 

Some really old ones, the one on the right was from a school dance! FYI We've been together since I was 17, and he was 16. About 4 years now~

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays & an Outfit~

This is the first outfit post I've made in a while, most of the note-worthy things I've been wearing lately have been punkier(Is that a word? Well it is now!) I haven't had the time for Lolita, or anything fancy lately, so most of my dressing up involves jeans, ect. My outfit didn't really have an occasion, I was going all the way from Dallas to Houston to visit Will in the hospital(4 hour drive!!). He generally makes that trip every week or two to get chemo--which is hard enough without being sick... Thankfully though his transplant has been approved, and he'll be in there for it in the beginning of the year!

Here's a rundown for your troubles;;
Blouse: Thifted
T-shirt,Jacket, jeans: F21
Shoes: Target

Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to NOT hate your glasses

Since I was a little girl with my first pair of wire framed glasses I always dreaded the idea of wearing them. They were like this thing I suddenly always needed. They broke more often than I would have liked: I've had them run over by a car, sat on, and of course they've just plainly fallen apart! Honestly all throughout high school I wore my contacts everyday. In fact for a while some people didn't even realize I ever wore glasses. Even when I graduated from those old wire frames and started buying plastic ones, I really couldn't find a pair I really liked. 

That is until I finally found online glasses stores. It started with me trying to buy frames to get lenses for(not a good idea or so I've read), which led to the usual google rabbit hole-- you know where you find something completely different from what you were looking for. My oversized cat eyed glasses were perfect!  They were much cooler than any pair I'd bought from Walmart or Lens Crafters, and much cheaper($35 all together I think).

And thus my addiction to glasses began~ 

I'm not going to say that cheap glasses will completely take you out of your glasses-loathing, but the right pair can... and it just can't hurt that they're generally pretty affordable. 

What you need:
Current prescription that you DON'T HATE!
Your pupil distance(mine is 65mm)

Finding the right shape can be made a lot simpler with "Try it on" programs, which most of them have. I'll say that you probably want glasses that compliment your features. What that actually means is if you have softer features(rounder shape face) you probably want angular glasses, and vice versa with more angular features(like a square or rectangle shaped face). I think I hve a rounder face, which is probably why I like the frames that I do(very square, or cat eyed) 

Where I got mine:
(Left to right)

 What I love about it is I'm not trying to match one pair of glasses to everything when I get dressed in the morning.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Was Tagged for a Thing~

I was tagged by


1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Tag 5 blogs with less than 200 followers
3. Get them to tag more bloggers

Now on to the challenge.

5 Things I Need Every Day;

1. A call(if not able to visit)from Will(Fiance)
2. Glasses
3. Mascara
4. My laptop
5. Lots of junk food 

5 Books I Would Recommend;

1. The Uglies
2.No one here gets out alive
3. Cirque du freak
4. Queen of the damned
5.Titania's Oraqle(fortune telling book by Titania Harde) 

5 Materialistic Wishes for Birthdays;

1. Transplant for Will
2. Guitar
3. Fairy kei accessories
4. Transparent Cult party stuff
5. A new corset

5 Places I Want to Visit;

1. Tokyo
2. New York
3. San Francisco
4. Austin(it's a 4 hour drive can you believe I haven't really checked it out?)
5. Portland

5 Adjectives that Describe Me;

1. Whimsical(Well my highschool yearbook seemed to think so)
2. Tsundere
3. Artistic
4. Vegetarian
5. Somewhat intelligent(I just hope so lol)

5 Bloggers I tag;

I'm just going to leave this blank; if you're interested in doing it then please do!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wardrobe-spiration: Cult Party

I've been bookmarking my way through taobao lately, and also stalking tumblr. The latest result is my interest in cult party kei. So with my polyvores today I'm experimenting with transparent layers, and cult party kei influences with of course: pastel goth and a little mori girl.

Untitled #259
Details & Ideas:
♥ I really like the idea of a "peignoir" dress, they always look so long and flowy~

♥The mori girl dress felt like the best one to go under it for the simplicity of it and the lacy bottom.

♥The belt is actually a bridal belt but I liked it with those gloves, I think they both give it a Victorian feel. 

♥I think the makeup would be really simple save for the lipstick; maybe light blush/highlight and super sheer glitter eye shadow. 

Untitled #260
Details & Ideas:
♥ I wanted to play around with more of the goth side of pastel goth in this one

♥My main coloring is pink/white/black, I like how the socks would really show through, as would the skirt leaving the bows much more noticeable. 

♥Those creepers and the Wednesday Adams shirt are probably my favorite parts, items like that really make an outfit feel pastel goth to me. 

♥ I think it would look really cool with dark, smoky eyeshadow, and a light pink lipcolor

Its wayy too cold to wear this stuff wear I live right now(maybe with a coat and thicker socks?) though so I'll just dream on..

Saturday, November 16, 2013

LBC: Book inspired Coords

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival post is co-ords inspired by books, and I actually had to tell myself I wouldn't do Alice in wonderland(I still did a character from it see below) Right now though it's fall and I'm always more into mori girl in the fall, so Grimm tales felt the most appropriate for mori-lolita!

Red Riding Hood/Rottkappchen

Untitled #258

I love Mori girl styles with red, so I thought Red riding hood would be appropriate.Most(if not all) of the items were found off of Taobao. The basket purse, and the cape are my favorite items.

Snow White/schneewittchen

Untitled #257

When I saw the prompt, the BtSSB dress was actually my first thought. It's kind of one of my dream dresses... @_@ I would love to make a snow white cosplay with it(in my dreams~)! The accessories are all Mori girl taobao finds, I feel like since she's a princess there should be cutesy foresty accessories. 

Card(Alice in wonderland)

Untitled #256

Well, you knew I had to do something that was Alice in wonderland~ This is an older Angelic Pretty OP, I came across on my items on polyvore. I think this one has a sort of old school lolita feel.

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