Monday, November 10, 2014

Pastel Outfits and hair~





Thee first outfit wasn't much of an occasion, the second though was from when Leukemia Texas sent Will tickets to a Dallas Stars Hockey game! I'm not much of a sports person, but we had fun :) 

I finally got to doing my hair, it's half pink and  half blue(and really fun to braid!)~
The bangs were going to be shorter, but I decided to stop here. Most likely, when they start to grow out, I'll end up with super short ones like I used to have! xp

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sheinside/Bodyline Haul/Review

The only problem I really had with sheinside was that it seemed to take forever for it to even be shipped! I liked what I got though. Their shipping was DHL and felt like a flash after waiting around 17 days for them to ship.

The stuff I got was alright quality, I mentioned some weirdness on the icecream shirt in the video, but unless you point it out it's not super noticeable. The tops are surprisingly long for crop tops, and I'm around 5'7". I think that the shorts were one size fits all, and I'm typically a size 5.

Just a tiny order form Bodyline, I had been looking at this uniform(not to mention the shoes) for a while, really excited about getting them!
I forgot to mention that the shoes have snaps, and that kind of surprised me(nut it makes them easier to take off/put on). I think I got a size large in the uniform(Usually US5), and 25.5 in their shoes(Usually US8.5) if anyone is questioning what size they need to get! The skirt is a little short, but that's okay~ 

All-in-all, I'm excited about my new editions to my closet :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sewing Project;; Pleated pinkxwhite striped skirt

It feels like I've had this material for EVER! When I found this material I loved it, but didn't know what to make with it. I'm not so accustomed to the material(kind of like T-shirt material) but, it was actually a lot easier than I expected it to be (except for cutting it, I always have problems with that with T-shirt materials! :<).
The lace was also an older one from my fabric stash~

The skirt didn't take too long to make, I pretty much started and finished it in the same evening. 

I' ve been into more "casual" (Compared with Lolita) cute fashion lately, and this works pretty well into that--- It's really comfy and easily goes with a regular t-shirt. 

It's so simple, yet it's  definitely becoming more of a favorite for me~~ 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Uh-Oh!--- Ways to remove unnatural hair colors

Wash it
The first thing to try should always be washing with warm water, and a clarifying shampoo!
Personally, I love Paul Mitchells clarifying shampoo, sometimes I'll use head and shoulders though! Basically anything that takes everything out! 

Sun in
If you're trying to get it lighter, and don't have any parts you're afraid of lightening you could always try a spray in lightener, such as Sun-In. I've used the John Frieda version, and it definitely helped the color fade a little faster. Of course it won't replace real bleach or turn very dark hair platinum, but it will lighten slightly(if you do have dark brown, ect beware! it may turn your hair to a brassy color!)

Opposite color
This is my preferred method! The way this works is by using the color wheel and toning like you would on blonde hair, ect. 
If your hair seems to be stuck pink, the opposite is typically going to be a blue. If your hair is stuck green, a red or pink. 

With any of these be sure to be mindful of the level(lightness, or darkness) of your hair now, and what level you are trying to achieve---Is it a dark red you're trying to cover, are you trying to go blonde? 

My best example right now is that I went from blonde to dark red, when that faded out, I really wanted pink, but that was not going to happen. So, I used dark purple, and when it washed out my hair was pink.  

It's all a process of working the rainbow~~

If you're trying to go blonde-- make sure to have a lavender undertone to achieve platinum. Use only a light wash  of the opposite color. This goes without saying, but also make sure to get the color faded out as much as possible. beforehand
There have been a few times where I've used a light blue wash to get pink out of my hair(which gave it a nice platinum look) 

Bleach/Soap Cap
Sometimes it's unavoidable. I've definitely been down this road, and all I can say is tread carefully! Try not to bleach over the same part of your hair over and over again, and use this as a last resort!

This video from All Dolled Up has some great tips, and instructions on how to use Vitamin C to lift color, which I've actually never tried

Ever had a color stain your hair? What did you use to get rid of it?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Some Outfits;; New camera, and derpy poses~

I've been making a little more effort to dress up now and again(I don't really do it for the blog it's just a thing that cheers me up a lot.), and also got a new camera so this outfit post won't make you squint!

If you'll ignore the cord to the mouse in my hand(It kind of matches though right?) from using my computer to take a picture(still figuring this thing out, let the derp ensue!). The contrast/exposure might be a little too high, but other than all of that I kind of like this one~ My Bodyline order just came in, so my haul is gonna get a review video/post here pretty soon.

The other outfit is just kind of a random one. I actually have a post queued up is about the skirt in that one.

Outfit one:
Headband + Socks~ Claires
Top~ DreamV
Skirt~ Handmade
Shoes~ Bodyline

Outfit Two:
Sweater~Forever 21
Skirt~ Handmande
Socks~ Sockdreams
Shoes... Converse? Do I need to add that?

These had just come in, I LOVE them, but I think I put the straps on wrong?? Are they supposed to be crossed? Either way spoiler alert: they're getting an awesome review from me! xD 
Also there are still a few posts with pictures from my webcam/iphone that are queued, so don't be too alarmed there. I didn't already break the camera! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DreamV Haul + Video~~

Corset designed top
Like I said in the video, I love a gothic kind of design in pastel! The "official" measurement for this was 82CM, which is smaller than what I think I should fit into, but as you can see, I'm definietly not to big for it!

Polo designed top
I used to have an emily the strange top like this, but decided to get rid of it, since it was faded and falling apart. My only disappointment with this item is that I didn't also purchase it in black!

Bunny hoodie
My favorite!! I've seen a lot of stuff similar through diffierent brands, ect. Glad I could find one on this website~

Shipping was quick, but expensive(I think $30-$40). Service was good, The quality of all of the items is also great!! I have no complaints-- and to think I was scared of ordering from them!

Really excited about my order! Can't wait for my other ones to come in! ;_; 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewing project;; Sprinkles Two Ruffle skirt

This is one of the first few skirts I've made that isn't meant to be Lolita, and is more for casual wear! It's inspired by Lolita/Fairy kei for a pastel goth kind of look. The material it's made of is a nice, kind of thick cotton with a sprinkles/candy print! 

There wasn't much of a pattern, just a lot of rectangles. It also has a half elastic waist~

It took about two days to make, but was pretty simple. A nice re-introduction to sewing before I just into making a dress--hopefully that will be next, but I haven't drawn any designs/patterns just yet!

This is my kind of practice outfit(Featuring Sailor Moon~) to match it, my closet(like I keep wanting to mention) is a work in progress, and I'm definitely in the market to buy/make some cutsew esque tops!

Before I got the chance to post this(I'm on a schedule nowadays!) I actually added some lace to the hem~

I really like this, I think skirts just look better with a little lace added ♥