Monday, November 21, 2011

Cupcake Petticoat Tutorial

What could be more essential to a lolita's wardrobe than a petticoat? I'm going to show you "my way" of making a simple cupcake shaped(and cheap!) petti. 

I bought some cheap tulle(spent $5 on 10 yrds!) in order to make this one, and it has held up just fine. The one problem is, it does tend to be itchy. That's all I really know about fabric, I obviously don't claim to know everything about petticoat making. I know that F Yeah lolita really loves chiffon Petticoats! Beyond that, I would research through egl(most likely been asked already), ect.

Your basic "pattern" is two rectangles, though I wouldn't attempt to cut out patterns for these as it may turn out to be way more trouble than it is worth. If there were a pattern on mine, this is what it would look like:

Of course the length of the petticoat is up to you, I like mine kind of short so there isn't a chance for it to show at the bottom. Some people wear longer petticoats though. Measure out your skirts and decide what you want yourself. 5yrds / 10yrds twice worked for me, but you can always add up more layers  if you need them!

The one thing I would NOT recommend that I did was pleat the entire petticoat... Use your sewing machine to make a gather and attempt to keep your sanity!! This material should actually gather pretty easily too. 

Simple Steps:

Step One:
Cut material.

Step Two:
Gather the bottom layer and sew it to the bottom of the top.

Step Three:
Repeat one and two, so that you have tow pieces to sew to a waistband.

Step Four:
Make a waistband into the same width as the top layer that we did not gather.

Step Five:
Sew both pieces on the waistband.

Step Six:
Pull whatever amount of waistband elastic you need(I used the same as my waist measurement). Pull through(a safety pin works for me)!

Step Seven:
Sew up the side, and you're done!!

And this is what it turns out like...

Hope this is helpful~


  1. That's what I was trying to do! Most of the petti tutorials I've read were a little confusing! :)

  2. That seems very simple and it looks like it holds up well! I bought some tulle to make a petticoat myself, but I really hated sewing with it. So I made mine out of organza instead. It's nicer to sew on and not as itchy in my opinion, but then you have to worry about fraying. :/ Ah petticoats, why must you torture us so? XD

  3. I'll have to try out organza then(fabric with pettis is all an experiment for me ATM)! Well, it might take a while but you could do a simple hem at the bottom to get rid of fraying(at the bottom I assume?). I know what you mean though xD

  4. Oh, yes. I did do a hem. I encased all of the gathered seams in ribbon and did french seams on the sides too. So everything is fine with the finished product. It was just that during construction I had little wisps of the fabric going everywhere. I'm still finding little strings of petticoat lying around! xD I discovered that Fraycheck is not a step one can skip with organza.

  5. Do you have pictures to show each step? That would be really helpful if you could ^_^

    1. Sorry I don't! If I make another one, I'll add pictures to this post(or make a new post) but I made that a while ago :(

  6. Hi did you mean 10yards or 10 feet?

    1. 10 yards. Petticoats need a LOT of layers and ruffles, which requires a lot of material. Tulle isn't expensive though, so don't worry.


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