Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wardrobe-spiration: Cult Party

I've been bookmarking my way through taobao lately, and also stalking tumblr. The latest result is my interest in cult party kei. So with my polyvores today I'm experimenting with transparent layers, and cult party kei influences with of course: pastel goth and a little mori girl.

Untitled #259
Details & Ideas:
♥ I really like the idea of a "peignoir" dress, they always look so long and flowy~

♥The mori girl dress felt like the best one to go under it for the simplicity of it and the lacy bottom.

♥The belt is actually a bridal belt but I liked it with those gloves, I think they both give it a Victorian feel. 

♥I think the makeup would be really simple save for the lipstick; maybe light blush/highlight and super sheer glitter eye shadow. 

Untitled #260
Details & Ideas:
♥ I wanted to play around with more of the goth side of pastel goth in this one

♥My main coloring is pink/white/black, I like how the socks would really show through, as would the skirt leaving the bows much more noticeable. 

♥Those creepers and the Wednesday Adams shirt are probably my favorite parts, items like that really make an outfit feel pastel goth to me. 

♥ I think it would look really cool with dark, smoky eyeshadow, and a light pink lipcolor

Its wayy too cold to wear this stuff wear I live right now(maybe with a coat and thicker socks?) though so I'll just dream on..


  1. All these pastels and pinks and ruffles! Oh, this is all so beautiful T_T you picked such pretty stuff. Actually, some of these things are more creepy cute and pastel goth than mori or cult party kei, but who cares, they're beautiful anyways.
    Too bad you're going to have to wait 'til spring to put them on… D:

    1. Thanks! Yeah it was mostly supposed to be adding cult party to the mix xD I'm not sure exactly where to start on coordination for cult party since I haven't really worn it yet-- hopefully I will this spring ><


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