Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays & an Outfit~

This is the first outfit post I've made in a while, most of the note-worthy things I've been wearing lately have been punkier(Is that a word? Well it is now!) I haven't had the time for Lolita, or anything fancy lately, so most of my dressing up involves jeans, ect. My outfit didn't really have an occasion, I was going all the way from Dallas to Houston to visit Will in the hospital(4 hour drive!!). He generally makes that trip every week or two to get chemo--which is hard enough without being sick... Thankfully though his transplant has been approved, and he'll be in there for it in the beginning of the year!

Here's a rundown for your troubles;;
Blouse: Thifted
T-shirt,Jacket, jeans: F21
Shoes: Target

Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading!

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