Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to NOT hate your glasses

Since I was a little girl with my first pair of wire framed glasses I always dreaded the idea of wearing them. They were like this thing I suddenly always needed. They broke more often than I would have liked: I've had them run over by a car, sat on, and of course they've just plainly fallen apart! Honestly all throughout high school I wore my contacts everyday. In fact for a while some people didn't even realize I ever wore glasses. Even when I graduated from those old wire frames and started buying plastic ones, I really couldn't find a pair I really liked. 

That is until I finally found online glasses stores. It started with me trying to buy frames to get lenses for(not a good idea or so I've read), which led to the usual google rabbit hole-- you know where you find something completely different from what you were looking for. My oversized cat eyed glasses were perfect!  They were much cooler than any pair I'd bought from Walmart or Lens Crafters, and much cheaper($35 all together I think).

And thus my addiction to glasses began~ 

I'm not going to say that cheap glasses will completely take you out of your glasses-loathing, but the right pair can... and it just can't hurt that they're generally pretty affordable. 

What you need:
Current prescription that you DON'T HATE!
Your pupil distance(mine is 65mm)

Finding the right shape can be made a lot simpler with "Try it on" programs, which most of them have. I'll say that you probably want glasses that compliment your features. What that actually means is if you have softer features(rounder shape face) you probably want angular glasses, and vice versa with more angular features(like a square or rectangle shaped face). I think I hve a rounder face, which is probably why I like the frames that I do(very square, or cat eyed) 

Where I got mine:
(Left to right)

 What I love about it is I'm not trying to match one pair of glasses to everything when I get dressed in the morning.


  1. They're all wonderful! To be honest, seeing your pair of cat eye glasses (I think you did a review a long time ago) made me want glasses so much! I'll just have to stick to sun glasses.

    On another note, would it be too pushy to beg you for some outfit posts? I adore your style and would love to see more. :3

    1. Thanks! Those are kind of the first ones that made me want to wear my glasses actually lol. They do sell cheap ones with no prescription on all of them if you were interested! I know I'm kind of slacking off in that department(I blame work), I'm flattered(I always loved your style) and I'll try to have some outfits to post up here soon :)


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